Elland Food Bank

Elland Foodbank has published its January 2024 Newsletter:

During the past year, as a foodbank, a large number of clients have used the foodbank’s services to support them in their week to week living. All of us are of course mindful of the greatly increased costs of living that everybody, what ever your income, is currently experiencing.

Some of our clients come to us for a few weeks as an emergency measure until they can get back on their feet again, some come rather longer. However, whether a client uses the foodbank for a few weeks or a much longer period all are equally welcome.

Currently we have been averaging around 58 households a week which, for example on the weekend of writing this, equated to 75 adults and 66 children. In the past year there has been a 27% increase in households attending – 17% more adults and 34% more children.

By Andrew Jacobs and Mary Hamilton

Before clients access the foodbank everybody is interviewed to ascertain their circumstances to ensure they meet our eligibility criteria. Very few do not. Indeed, in the 8 years since the foodbank began in October 2015, I can only remember a handful of clients we have ever turned away for not being eligible. The foodbank, which is now a registered charity, only deals with clients who have an

HX4 or HX5 Postcode, otherwise they get referred to other appropriate foodbanks. Periodically we review the client’s circumstances to ensure that they still meet the eligibility criteria.

Current statistics show us that 80% of foodbank users come from Elland with only 20% from HX4 which includes Greetland, Stainland and West Vale.

To read the full report please visit: https://www.canva.com/design/DAF49iQq-nA/K945KsHfmRPOtKKa9iJn6g/view?utm_content=DAF49iQq-nA&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=editor

By xmods